Access Bank Launches a New Family and Friends Saving Account, ‘Twisungane Dutsinde’ Promo

Access Bank Rwanda on Friday, July 21, 2017 launched a promotion dubbed ‘Twisungane Dutsinde’ Promo with its slogan ‘Save Today, Take Tomorrow’ for its new Family and Friends savings account. Twisungane Dutsinde promo is aimed at encouraging people to save collectively as a family or even friends according to Gloria Bwiza Asiimwe, the Head of Personal and Business Banking during the opening press conference of the 6-months campaignBesides the other savings accounts that we already offer, we realized that to help in the Government’s push for the culture of saving, we need to bring people together. Like they say a family that eats together, stays together; in our context we are trying to say a family that saves together, stays together.” said Asiimwe. Family members may include father, mother, children, grandchildren, uncles, aunties and a group of friends. A family or group of friends’ principle will be given an ID after opening the account and other members of the family or group can also be able to open their individual savings account using this ID and benefit together.

Jean-Claude Karayenzi, the Managing Director of Access Bank said that Family and Friends Account is one of the innovative products they have come up with to teach people how to save

for the future. Karayenzi added that as there is a lot of development going on in the country, as little as one may save, this can enable an individual to acquire their dream houses or even use savings as collateral in the Bank to acquire a loan. “Access Bank, we are part of a big group bringing domestic products on the market so as to reach the goals of the Government’s target for financial inclusion especially for the youth. Therefore, this savings product will enable many families and friends to save and enjoy the benefits of adapting a savings culture”, he added.During the Twisungane Dutsinde campaign, families and friends who have been able to open this account will be able to benefit from numerous benefits including incremental.