Visa Debit Card

The Access Bank Visa Debit card is a dual currency card linked to an individual’s USD domiciliary and Rwf accounts which is designed to provide account holders access to cash direct from their accounts any time they need it. It is issued on the Visa platform and is linked on-line real-time to the Cardholder’s accounts.

Product Features & Benefit
  • Visa Debit Cards are a globally accepted means of payment.
  • Elimination of security risk associated with travelling with tons of cash.
  • Safety & security of transactions due to Chip+PIN technology
  • Visa Debit Card holders also get access to cash through ATMs and POS Terminals.
No extra documentation is required.
Card holders can manage their Finances efficiently.
Access to Online transaction details.
Convenience and Prestige.
Offers a bundle of value propositions to the customer, i.e. International brand, VbyV.
Access to over 29 million merchant locations worldwide
  • It is a dual currency card linked to both the customer’s Rwf account and USD domiciliary account.
  • The card can be used both locally and internationally.
  • Cardholder can make payment for purchases currently in Rwf at home and dollars in any country while the Visa daily conversion rate will apply.
  • The card has a 2 year life span before expiry.
  • The card would have personalized names and will be Un-embossed.
  • All transactions done on the Visa Debit card on an ATM or POS requires a 4-digit PIN. The PIN will be used for confirmation.
  • Value of the card is limited to available funds in the account linked to the card.

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