2015 Corporate Social Responsibility launch

The three year partnership between Access Bank and Society for Family Health took place on Friday December 11, 2015 at Group Scolaire Gikomero, located at Gikomero sector in Gasabo district. In collaboration with Society for Family Health (SFH), district and local officials were invited to be part of the event. Representatives from SFH were present and five staff members from Access Bank Rwanda were also present.

At 11:30 a.m. representatives from Access Bank and those from SFH gathered together in the Executive Secretary’s office to briefly introduce the project to the day’s Guest of Honor, the Vice Mayor of Social Affairs, Mrs Nyirabahire Languida.

The goals and objectives of the Corporate Social Responsibility were explained to the Vice Mayor, whereby it was explained that supporting Group Scolaire Gikomero, an underperforming school in a poor sector of Gasabo through construction and rehabilitation of facilities aimed at creating a model of sustainable development that can be scaled up and replicated across the country.

The Vice Mayor of Social Affairs Mrs Nyirabahire Languida, SHF Executive Director, Mr Wandera Manasse and Access Bank Representative Mr Simon Mugisha officially unveiled the inauguration plaque. After that all invitees were introduced to the population by the Executive secretary.

SFH‘s Executive Director was thereafter invited to give an overview of the partnership with Access Bank Rwanda. He also talked about the fact that through this project the local population has greatly benefited through trainings on health programs.

A sketch interlude was performed by the school’s students, which included SFH programs and financial inclusion to the attention of the students, school management and the community as a whole.

Simon Mugisha, Head of Retail Banking who represented Access Bank Rwanda’s Managing Director thereafter was given time to talk about the partnership with SFH, work done and the impact realized on the community.

After that, Mrs Languida the Vice Mayor congratulated immensely both Access Bank and SFH to have thought about implementing all the work done for the school and community of Gikomero in Gasabo  district. She added that these are the types of initiatives needed from Rwandans instead of waiting for foreign countries to always donate money. She promised to tell the Mayor and other officials the great initiative undertaken by Rwandans (Access Bank and SFH) to improve Rwandans lifestyle.