Gerald Mpyisi

Mr. Gerald Mpyisi is a computer programmer and software designer by profession. He is an accomplished businessman in the private sector with interest in the technology property and transportation sectors. He was once a Non Executive Director of Fina Bank (GTbank) Rwanda, board member of AAR health services limited Rwanda among others.  Mr. Gerald MPYISI has excellent public and private sectors experience developed as a result of several years working at senior level in the government and over 10 years as MD/CEO of several companies and as a Board member of public and private institutions. Mr. Gerald Mpyisi is the CEO and founder of Creative Solution Kigali Rwanda, Institutes of Management and Leadership Kigali –Rwanda, Innovative Business Solutions, Rwanda and Business Communication Solutions which has offices in Rwanda, Burundi and Democratic Republic of Congo.

Mr. Gerald MPYISI has served at the office of the Vice President and Ministry of Defense, Rwanda as the Director of IT and information services from June 1995 till 1998. He was the project Coordinator of Dot- Org and Rwanda Academy for Educational development, at Washington DC based international NGO form July 2002 till June 2005 which involved use of information and communication technologies for elections and its access to the communities. This project was done in association with USAID, CIC operators, National Electoral Commission (NEC) among other sponsors.