AccessAfrica is a Payments product designed to simplify Global payments
by Person to Person (P2P), Business to Business (B2B), Person to Business (P2B), Government to Person (G2P) and any other payment activities/flows. It will enable efficient and effective transfers including but not limited to school fees payment, merchant payments, e- commerce payments, trade payments, diaspora workers payments, etc.

AccessAfrica project has a Global aspiration but will be delivered in phases with Africa as its immediate focus.

AccessAfrica will  allow customers initiate payments in the local currency of the initiating jurisdiction or US Dollars while the beneficiary receives a direct credit to his account or cash in the local currency or US Dollars (provided send currency is USD and beneficiary has a USD account) in line with local procedures.

With AccessAfrica, the world is now closer than ever as you can enjoy instant borderless banking.



  • Send in local currency and receive in local currency (LCY).
  • Send in USD and receive in local currency.
  • Send in USD, receive in USD (provided send currency is USD and beneficiary has a USD account)


  • Easy payment initiation and receipt.
  • Speedy and straight through processing.
  • Secure payment solution.
  • Transparency in pricing and low cost to customers,
  • Use of local currency to effect cross currency payment especially for retail clients.
  • Create an opportunity to maintain ties with family and friends.
  • Easy tracking of transactions.
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