Credit card


Visa Credit Card

The Access Bank Visa International card is a US Dollar denominated credit card which is globally accepted as a means of payment at over 24 million merchant locations and over 1 million ATMs worldwide in more than 170 countries.


  • It is a dual currency card linked to both the customer’s Rwf account and USD domiciliary account.
  • The card can be used both locally and internationally.
  • Cardholder can make payment for purchases currently in Rwf at home and dollars in any country while the Visa daily conversion rate will apply.
  • The card has a 2 year life span before expiry.
  • The card would have personalized names and will be Un-embossed.
  • All transactions done on the Visa Debit card on an ATM or POS requires a 4-digit PIN. The PIN will be used for confirmation.
  • Value of the card is limited to available funds in the account linked to the card.


Features and Benefits

  • It provides customers with 24/7 access to their preset limit accounts
  • Allows credit based transactions within preset number of days of repayment
  • It provides customers with a convenient and a safer way of transacting
  • It eases customers ability to transact by creating additional channels
  • Globally accepted means of payment
  • Elimination of security risk associated with traveling with large amounts of cash.
  • Safety & security of transactions due to the Chip & Pin technology
  • Internet transactions are also protected and by verified by Visa
  • Enjoy car rental services anywhere in the world where Visa is accepted
  • Supplementary credit cards are obtainable
  • Card Replacement Facility is available worldwide in case of Card Loss
  • Convenience of Worldwide Visa Acceptance 
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